Keywords:  TG18, TG18-QC, test pattern
TG18 Test Patterns

TG18 test patterns can be used to evaluate the performance of medical display devices. TG18 test patterns are a part of the larger display assessment methodology developed by TG18 (Technical Group 18) of the AAPM.

The most important test pattern, the TG18-QC test pattern, is based on the original SMPTE test pattern. The TG18-QC pattern is widely used to provide an overall assesment of a monitor's adjustment and calibration.

Sample TG18-QC

Sample image derived from the "Assessment of Display Performance for Medical Imaging Systems" report (AAPM On-line report No 3), published in 2005 and available at:

An executive summary of the report is available at:

The Task Group 18 home page is:


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